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 +====== place visitors can stay? ======
 +There are a number of expensive hotels around in Cambridge which can look after themselves but the question of good cheap guesthouse/​B&​B in the city suitable for visitors has come up.
 +The Assissi, on Cherry Hinton Road was recommended by two posters one of whom commented "nice rooms and very hospitable owners"​. The Hills Guest House is "also very good, very '​modern'​ decor - somewhat smaller (2 single, 1 twin and 2 double rooms"​.
 +One poster suggested The Grafton Hotel in Newmarket Road, near the junction with Barnwell Road. They said it "had a couple of weak points when I stayed there last April [2000] but it has had a major refurbishment since then. The new Italian Restaurant on the ground floor does excellent food too.".
 +The Dresden Villa on Cherry Hinton Road (the end near the station) has been used repeatedly by another poster'​s parents and others had sent relatives without complaint to the Bridge at Clayhith and Brooklands or Fairways near the top of Cherry Hinton road.
 +There'​s a long list of reasonably priced places to stay available [[http://​www.touristnetuk.com/​EM/​CAMBRIDGE/​accommodation/​index.htm|here]].
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