cam.* pubmeets occur every few months and tend to mostly occur in lounge areas from 6pm to closing time. Mark Carroll usually asks people to tell him what nights are bad for them if they want to come, and he tries to find a night that works for everyone. It's good to assume that he doesn't automatically know about nights that are “obviously” inconvenient due to some other event in the city or in the pub.

Pubmeet stuff tends to be posted to both cam.announce and cam.misc, but reminders of already-arranged pubmeets will tend to be only on cam.misc.

We used to alternate between the Carlton Arms and the Castle Inn on Castle Hill, because they had good no-smoking areas, and reasonable food for those who wanted to eat their evening meal during the pubmeet. However, the smoking ban has plausibly widened the set of acceptable venues.

Lurkers are welcome.

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