These are some of the people who frequently read and post to the cam.* newsgroups. Hopefully, you'll find the pictures helpful if you come looking for us at Cam.PubMeets. Feel free to maintain your own entry, or add an entry for yourself if there isn't one already (they're in alphabetical order - let's keep it that way).

In the “Picture” column please keep the image small, both in dimensions and bytes: remember there's people out there with slow modems and small screens. As a guideline: if it's bigger than Paul Oldham's picture then it's too big and any images over 170px wide will be re-sized by the Wiki owner later. If you can't produce a small image then just include the URL of the large one instead so people can click on it to do there.

If you feel that an entry has become inaccurate or obsolete, please make an effort to contact the party concerned before changing or deleting their entry.

But first, here's a trap for e-mail address harvesters.

(University ID)
Email Picture
Jonathan Amery
(jda23) jon.jpg
Mark Ayliffe
Eleanor "LNR" Blair
(ecb39) cam-misc.jpg
Andrew Bolt
Mike Bursell
Mark Carroll
Tim Cutts
Toby Douglass
Tony Finch
(fanf2) me.jpg
Sapient Fridge
Ian Grant
(ig206) ig206.jpg
Malcolm Gray
(mrg17) mugshot.jpg
Jon Green
(replace “deadspam” with “green-lines” to mail)
Tim Green tinlime.jpg
Paul Hardy
(pgh1, pgh2) pgh_200611_thumb.jpg
Dave Holland
93djh2@eng) dave.jpg
Sam Holloway
(srh28) samfb.jpg
Ben Hutchings ben-2.thumb.jpg
Rhodri James rhodri.jpg
Simon Jerram sijerram.jpg
Richard Kettlewell
Michael Kilpatrick
Simon Lane
Jonathan Larmour
(jifl100) 100_0070_img.thumb.jpg
Vicky Larmour
(vkw1000) 100_0066_img.thumb.jpg
Jennifer Liddle jennifer.jpg
Steve McIntyre steve2.jpg
Paul Oldham
(pko1) pko1.jpg
Roland Perry []] roland-orkut.jpg
Mike Pitt
Andy “Pies” Ribbans
Colin Rosenstiel colin2004.jpg
Nick Smith (nas20)
Toby Speight
(tms13, 90tms@eng)
Marcus Streets
Thomas Thurman
Alan Truelove n733570499_2562.jpg
Matthew Vernon
(mcv21) mcv-cammisc.jpg
Tim Ward
(tdw1) tim.jpg
Brian Watson
Sophie Wilson 7bq_7d_igp7311.jpg
Ross Younger
MC Shona
(Copy of MP3
as original has
gone missing) hamsandwichonrye.jpg
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