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 Alan Rankin, BSM + Alan Rankin, BSM +
-Paul Pickett, [[http://​www.styledt.co.uk/​|Style Driver Training]] ++ ("​patient"​)+Paul Pickett, [[http://​www.styledt.co.uk/​|Style Driver Training]] ++[[news>​b78e6818-da9c-40c9-bd54-ec4210a00483@b2g2000prf.googlegroups.com|+]] ​("​patient"​, various qualifications - see third recommendation
 Mowbray ++ Mowbray ++
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 Bob Oxley + Bob Oxley +
-[[http://​www.mallynsom.com/​|MSM]] ​"also teaches Pass Plus" ​[[news>​g9j2sr$grv$1@fred.mathworks.com|+]] +[[http://​www.mallynsom.com/​|MSM]] [[news>​g9j2sr$grv$1@fred.mathworks.com|+]] ("also teaches Pass Plus")
- +
-Paul Pickett at [[http://​www.styledt.co.uk/​|Style Driver Training]] (various qualifications,​ see first recommendation[[news>​b78e6818-da9c-40c9-bd54-ec4210a00483@b2g2000prf.googlegroups.com|+]]+
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