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 +====== estate agent ======
 +The name that comes up time and again on [[cam.misc]] is [[http://​www.pocock.co.uk/​|Pocock & Shaw]], both for buying and selling.
 +In a thread on this in April 2002 Pocock & Shaw again came out top being universally recommended. [[http://​www.tylers.net/​|Tylers]] were also strongly recommended.
 +A lot of other agents were mentioned in this thread which is worth reading in its entirety. Google has it [[http://​groups.google.co.uk/​group/​cam.misc/​browse_thread/​thread/​928ff569ea269c25/​e59152e3cf8557da?​hl=en&​lnk=gst&​q=Estate+Agents#​e59152e3cf8557da|here]].
 +At other times [[http://​www.bradshawsresidential.co.uk/​|Bradshaws]] and [[http://​www.rah.co.uk/​|Redmayne,​ Arnold and Harris]] have received positive reports.
 +A lot of other estate agents are on the Web and a good place to find links to them is the Cambridge News [[http://​property.cambridge-news.co.uk/​|property pages]].
 +And don't forget to check out the [[http://​www.brettward.co.uk/​canb/​|Cambridge Accommodation Notice Board]] especially for rental properties direct from the landlord.
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