2020-10-20T09:44:19+01:00 text/html 2016-05-30T20:19:59+01:00 cauliflower tiler Alex Reed 07783 496370 + text/html 2016-05-06T19:01:42+01:00 admin plasterer - Change Adrian Mann link to use message-ID Gordon Cole + Charles Lee (see also his entry on the Builder page) ++- Adrian Mann Plastering,, 07711 259021, 01353 723069 + T Mann + Premier Plastering (phone Spike 07734 365666 or Mark on 07979 281165) ++ ++ Steve, Torgau Plastering, 813033 + text/html 2016-04-14T22:06:30+01:00 bwh wiki:technology - Update hosting information [DokuWiki] This Wiki uses DokuWiki, an application written in PHP. The basic look of the site is based a standard DokuWiki template tweaked to give it a similar look to previous iterations of the cam.* FAQ. The <> domain is owned by The Hug so <> is just a sub-domain used for the Wiki. 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It may simply need extending to add further information, it may even be libellous. text/html 2016-02-08T16:33:32+01:00 jongreen aerials - Update outdated contact info for Newcam Aerials Martin Gibbs, 2 Milton Rd, CB4 1JY, 357476 ++ Chris Lane, Newcam Aerials, 78 Church Lane, Girton, 07879 626670, newcamaerials AT gmail DOT com +++ text/html 2016-02-08T16:32:41+01:00 jongreen jongreen I'm an entrepreneur and consultant Internet of Things / embedded software engineer. Also a Dad, writer, angler, surfer (damp variety), occasional trainee fixed-wing pilot, sometime biker, gadget freak, and 'Net addict since about 1981. I run the Cambridge Amazon Web Services User Group - owned and operated by its members, not AWS! text/html 2016-02-08T14:20:22+01:00 bblaukopf passport_photos - [Machines] Machines Railway Station Main Post Office, St Andrews Street Grafton Centre mezzanine Boots, St Andrews Steet, both floors Tesco: Milton, Newmarket Road, Fulbourn, and Bar Hill Sainsbury, Coldhams Lane Parkside Pool Asda, Beehive Centre (far end of tills from entrance) text/html 2015-11-12T11:25:50+01:00 tallpaul recycling_cars - old revision restored - latest changed added by company themselves With the high price of steel you should currently be able to get someone to take you car away for free. A good place to start is which is a network of scrapyards who will collect your car from you - for free so long as you're not a ludicrous distance away. text/html 2015-09-07T12:48:28+01:00 tallpaul home - old revision restored (2015/07/29 16:40) This Wiki is devoted to the cam.* hierarchy of news groups and replaces the old FAQ for those groups. The cam.* newsgroups are for people living in or interested in the city of Cambridge, England (the one in Cambridgeshire, not Gloucestershire). They are not the universities' groups nor are they anything to with Cambridge, Mass or cameras; web, digital or otherwise (despite what the odd spammer would like to think). text/html 2015-09-07T12:41:40+01:00 tallpaul tree_surgery - old revision restored (2011/09/05 23:27) Tree & Garden Services 208142, mob 07899 021072 + Town & Country 240396 +- Anglia Tree Care 424454 + in addition some cam.miscens will remove small trees for free in return for the wood. Just ask. text/html 2015-07-29T19:55:07+01:00 tallpaul picture_framer - old revision restored (2008/10/06 13:28) Frameworks, 141 Mill Road (closed Thursdays) + + R&S, 128 Fulbourn Old Drift, CB1 9LR, 243077 + Cambridge Framing Centre, 20 Sussex Street, CB1 1PA, 300711 + Jane's Frames, 8 Station Road, Histon, CB24 9LQ, 236800 + + text/html 2015-07-29T16:40:07+01:00 tallpaul forex - old revision restored (2008/08/20 16:08) American Express BdC + (now franchised to Premier Travel Agency, 10 Rose Crescent) Marks & Spencer BdC, 2nd floor, St Andew's St. + text/html 2015-07-29T16:39:32+01:00 tallpaul hairdresser - old revision restored (2008/08/20 16:12) Wacky Hair Co, Milton Road ++ (“not cheap though”) Hair 2000, Newmarket Road + Elaines, Arbury Road/Milton Road corner + Jo and Andy, upstairs at Reza, East Road + Scruffs, Mill Road -- Sarah-Jane(sp?) or Sonia at Toni & Guy ++ Philip Helliar, Bene't St +