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 +====== Heating Oil Supplier ======
 +[[http://​www.shelford.co.uk/​|Shelford Energy]], 846846 ++
 +Browns of Burwell, 01638 741306 ++
 +Total Butler Ltd, Station Road, Cambridge, 835900 + 
 +[[http://​www.ss-motors.co.uk/​|SS Motors (Fuels) Ltd]], Chatteris, 01354 693181 ++
 +[[http://​www.minsterfuels.co.uk/​hardy/​index.html|Hardy Craske]], 0800 731 0612 +
 +CRS +
 +Goffs in Norwich -
 +General advice: Prices vary between suppliers in unpredictable ways: one will be cheapest one month, another the next. Their prices fluctuate wildly as the oil price changes, and with the seasons. All the suppliers are happy to quote you a price if you phone them up, so phone around regularly for the cheapest deal. Most will try to beat a competitor'​s price.
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