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 (08457-212212 for "​Personal Customer Services"​) (08457-212212 for "​Personal Customer Services"​)
-Roger Rhodes ​(St. Ives, 01480 497124+ +Roger RhodesSt. Ives, 01480 497124 +
- +
-John Abrahams of C.C.F. Financial Services Ltd (82-84 High St, Sawston 472200) ++ "will work on a fee basis"​ +
- +
-<​blockquote>​ +
-NOTE: According to http://​www.fsa.gov.uk/,​ CCF Financial Services Ltd. is "no longer authorised"​ as of 2003. Another firm, CCF Financial Services 2003 Ltd., with almost the same postcode, is listed as "​Appointed Representative - Former"​. Interestingly,​ Companies House http://​www.companieshouse.gov.uk/​ does not list a "CCF Financial Services 2003 Ltd.", although it lists "CCF Financial Services Ltd." as dissolved in February 2007. Make of this what you will. It may not be anything to worry about. Before committing large amounts of money to the care of any IFA, you should do your own "due diligence"​ on them first! +
-<​cite>​[[JonGreen]]</​cite>​ +
 JH Marsh McLennan - JH Marsh McLennan -
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 Lee & Co. (Lyn Turner) + Lee & Co. (Lyn Turner) +
-Nicholas H.A. Torrens of Key Financial Partnership ​(76 Regent Street and 238A Milton Road, 01223 420053++Nicholas H.A. Torrens of Key Financial Partnership76 Regent Street and 238A Milton Road, 420053 +
-Graham Sibley of S-Tech Insurance Services ​(Victoria Road, above Blockbusters; 01223 324 233) ++Graham Sibley of S-Tech Insurance ServicesVictoria Road, above Blockbusters, 324233 ​+
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