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 +====== Can I recycle plastics? ======
 +Within the [[http://​www.cambridge.gov.uk|City]],​ there is a fortnightly kerbside collection of plastic bottles (only). These go in the blue box. Beginning in October 2008 a similar scheme operates in [[http://​www.scambs.gov.uk|South Cambridgeshire]] only there a second green box is being used.
 +Only plastic bottles made of PET (type 1), HDPE (type 2) or PVC (type 3), without lids, are accepted ([[http://​www.scambs.gov.uk/​plastics|more info]]).
 +At least some Tesco (Newmarket Road, Fulbourn) and Sainsbury'​s (Sidney St, Coldham'​s Lane) stores accept plastic carrier bags for recycling (maybe other places too). Some shops such as [[http://​www.arjunawholefoods.co.uk/​|Arjuna]] on Mill Road accept carrier bags for re-use.
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