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 +====== Why do people include SNB or "DoeS aNyBody"​ in postings? ======
 +SNB stands for "​SWITCH NOBOYDIE",​ and comes from Chris Boyd who irritated many people on the Cambridge University discussion system Groggs, which ran under the Phoenix operating system. When asked a request of the form "Can anyone tell me the way to Alaska?"​ he would answer just "​Yes"​.
 +In the Phoenix language a command of the form "​switch " turned the named switch on, and switches with a negative effect were given names beginning with "​no"​. For example "​switch nostop"​ which meant that the system should keep going even if it encountered an error.
 +So, after Boydie'​s habit, "to boydie"​ became a verb meaning to answer questions in that manner. Combine that with the Phoenix idiom and you have the explanation of why SNB came into being.
 +This sort of Boyd-like behaviour is often seen on cam.* too and as a lot of ex-Groggs people now hang out in cam.*, you now see SNB there. The same effect as SNB can be achieved by capitalising your question as either "DoeS aNyBody know...",​ or "DoeS aNyBoydie know..."​.
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