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Before You Start

Recommendations here should be based on posting to cam.* groups, not your views nor views expressed to you in private mail. This is important because if ever the Wiki owner was threatened with libel as a result of an entry in this Wiki he will rely on the defence that it's only echoing postings made in a far more public forum! For the same reason you should also try to ignore postings made with an X-No-Archive: Yes header set as people will not be able to refer back to the original posting for more information.

The Plus and Minus System

Recommendations should be laid out as one entry per line, with a blank line between each entry and using Keir Finlow-Bates' system of a “+” for each positive reference and a “-” for each negative reference.

Please make each “+” and “-” a hyperlink to the original posting. You do this by looking at the Message-Id of the posting (stripping off any “<…>” around it) then if for example the message id is “abc@def”1) and you're adding a positive reference the syntax is:


Be warned that you may find that when you create a link like this it doesn't work straight away. This is because we're using Google to do the hard work and it seems that Google update their look up table for Message-ID some time after a posting has appeared on Google Groups so if you're linking to a posting created very recently then when you click on the link Google will claim not to be able to find the message even though you can see it from Google Groups. Don't worry: it will find it eventually.

N.B. if you don't make the “+” and “-” a hyperlink leaving the Wiki owner scratching about trying to find your original posting in the cam.* groups it is far more likely to be removed.

Telephone Numbers

If recording telephone numbers of companies being recommended please don't include the 01223 if they're Cambridge area code numbers.


If you are including postcodes please make them into links to Google maps thus:

[[postcode>CB2 1ST]]

which gives you a link which looks like this CB2 1ST (and is the postcode for King's College).

If you are the person who originally posed the question you might like to indicate in the “Edit summary” box when saving the entry who you actually used.

1) real ones tend to be a lot longer than this but typically look like rather unlikely email addresses e.g. “jeh7o5-rco.ln1@bigjohn.hug” which, to illustrate it working, is this posting where this technique was first made public.
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