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This is a Wiki, a co-operative web site where entries can be added and updated by anyone. This has its advantages and its disadvantages. If you're reading this page it's probably because you've got a problem with another page on the site. It may be that the information there is out of date, inaccurate or otherwise incorrect. It may simply need extending to add further information, it may even be libellous.

In the case of the recommendations pages the scoring there is based on postings the the cam.* groups. Bear in mind that the only basis for the entry is that someone (probably only one person) has recommended them so if you want to know what exactly was said you should do a Google Groups search on the names given. You may also, for more recent entries, be able to click on the “+” or “-” and go straight to the entry.

You can update the page yourself, but you will need an account first. Send mail to Ben Hutchings to request an account, giving your preferred username.

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