Why don't we just create cam.adverts (or cam.singles or whatever)?

This is an FAQ, not so much of the cam.misc but in email to the maintainer of the old FAQ and the owner of the Wiki from readers of cam.* groups. It has been discussed before, both on cam.misc and among cam.* regulars in the pub. The text that follows is taken from my standard reply to people who mail me.

The main problem with creating new cam.* groups is that because cam.* falls outside the main hierarchies many people have problems persuading their newsadmins to take any new cam.* group. We know that cam.announce, the last one created, still wasn't available to some people who wanted to read it a year after it was created.

We also have a namespace clash with a Canadian ISP called Communications Accessibles Montreal who have a number of local news groups which begin cam. (you'll see occasional posts from French Canadians in cam.* groups because of this). Creating new groups is likely to make things worse.

As a result of these two problems there is a general feeling that creating any more cam.* groups isn't such a good plan.

In late 1998 I started to look at creating a new hierarchy uk.local.cambridge.* which would wholly or partially replace the current groups. Putting the groups under uk.local, which does propagate well, would avoid namespace problems and would ensure it was carried by UK ISPs. I even got as far as preparing an RFD. However, when I tested the water by circulated it among various cam.* regulars I got a generally very negative response so I gave it up.

My feeling remains that the way forward is not to create cam.forsale, cam.adverts, or cam.singles for the reasons I outline above, but to create uk.local.cambridge.* groups. However as there's no consensus on doing that at present we're stuck with the words on adverts in the FAQ, which were voted on in the group.

However, I don't speak for cam.*, I'm just the FAQ maintainer. None of the above should stop anyone proposing the creation of cam.adverts if they want to test the water - I'm just trying to bring you up to speed on what has gone on before. I would suggest a posting to cam.announce and cam.misc, with Followup-To set to cam.misc, calling for discussion the proposal, and see what transpires. We'll probably end up voting on it, like we did for the advertising entry in the FAQ.

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