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Knight & Co. (lower fees) ++

Mrs Serdean, Barr Ellison +

John Bray, Carruthers and Co. + (“friendly”)

Mills and Reeve Francis +-

Robin Cunnah + (“strongly recommended”)

Kathy English, Miller & Co +++

NBM Massucco Shelbourne +

Thomson, Webb and Corfield ++ (helpful with an employment/patent/contract dispute; good service for conveyancing)

Peter Fletcher, Somerton & Fletcher (used as Notary Public) + (very friendly and efficient, short notice appointment)

MWB (name changed to Woodfines LLP) (Chris Wingfield) + (wills & various other legal docs on several occasions, conveyancing)+

Francis Davey + + (Direct access Barrister; former Computer Scientist; specialises in technology start-ups and intellectual property)


Earlier entries removed after a fresh start for this secton was agreed upon in August 2008.

Massucco Buttress ++++

Thomson Webb Corfield ++

Newton Associates -

Matthews Winter and Bullock (now Woodfines LLP) -

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