The Wiki self documents changes to individual pages via the Old Revisions button at the bottom of each page. This page documents more global changes to the Wiki.

Replaced the original cam.* FAQ by a Wiki at using PhpWiki. The basic look of the site is based a standard PhpWiki template tweaked to give it a similar look to the old cam.* FAQ.
Someone who doesn't read cam.* started posting adverts here so the create/edit page template has been re-worked so that the first time you use it a block of text with a yellow background warns you off. The Can I post adverts in cam.*? page has also been re-written to make it clearer that it's referring to cam.*, not the Wiki.
Reworked the yellow box and also put those words the GoodStyle page in place of the original words from the authors.
Added Google Adsense adverts to the bottom of each page. This is a bit of an experiment both to get some revenue to help with funding the Wiki (as very few people are using the Amazon Associates link to buy books) and also to see how it works for future sites.
Upgrading the server which hosts the Wiki from PHP4 to PHP5 left the Wiki in a rather fragile state, especially forgetting that you were logged in.
Wiki content transferred to DokuWiki as part of a move to a new server.
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