This Wiki's aim is solely to replace the cam.* hierarchy FAQ. It is not for discussion (we've got the cam.* groups for that), or for posting of articles on Cambridge-related topics which haven't been raised in the hierarchy already. Think of it primarily as an open content management system rather than a traditional Wiki. If in doubt contact me first (using that hyperlink, not via the Wiki).

Experienced Wiki users will notice that this Wiki doesn't to use WikiWords for hyperlinks. In setting it up I only enabled the double square bracket form. Personally I think this is a more natural way to proceed, treating the Wiki more like any other content management engine, but I know some old Wiki hands may find it odd however I think that, for newcomers to Wikis, it reads a lot more naturally than using WikiWords.

With the last version of this Wiki, which used PhpWiki, there was no authentication at all. That was pretty much forced on me by PhpWiki. However an open Wiki is the classic model and it worked pretty well most of the time so I'm going to leave it open now we're on DokuWiki. The only difference is that anyone who wants to modify the content has to supply a valid email address.

And as before if people abuse the trust that goes with running an open Wiki I'll have to think again. I don't have to run a FAQ, I don't have to run a Wiki …


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