Is there any other netiquette specifically relating to cam.*?

Not really, just the usual: never admit you're wrong, and long sigs and excessive quoting will get you flamed. If you're in any doubt look at a standard netiquette guide (remembering while reading it that “irony” doesn't mean “as if made of metal”) or subscribe to the group news.announce.newusers.

The only real oddity is that whereas normally whoever mentions Hitler first automatically loses the argument (Godwin's law) on cam.* this also applies to any reference to the Highway Code.

cam.misc does get a fair number of general IT support related questions posted to it as people know that a lot of geeks hang out there. Do so at your own risk, remembering that there are more appropriate places. You might find Eric Raymond's How To Ask Questions The Smart Way useful reading too.

Ways of making yourself unpopular and liable to be flamed include

  • posting follow ups without quoting some text of the original message
  • quoting the entirety of the original and then appending “me too” - do try to quote selectively
  • quoting the original after your follow up (a habit commonly known as “top posting”) - the correct place is before (see here for why). We have instructions for setting Followup-To for various news clients
  • posting binaries
  • posting in Mime encoded multi-part gobbledygook or postings in HTML

It has to be said that much of this seems to be unintentional postings by newbies using software from the evil empire with bad default settings, rather than any deliberate attempt to wind people up - so don't flame them too hard. The uk.* hierarchy have a useful web page which explains how to configure popular news clients to post in plain text, and to quote correctly - so if you're in any doubt go look there.

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