Welcome to the cam.wiki

This Wiki is devoted to the cam.* hierarchy of news groups and replaces the old FAQ for those groups.

The cam.* newsgroups are for people living in or interested in the city of Cambridge, England (the one in Cambridgeshire, not Gloucestershire). They are not the universities' groups nor are they anything to with Cambridge, Mass or cameras; web, digital or otherwise (despite what the odd spammer would like to think).

Having said that there are several Web cams in Cambridge.

This Wiki attempts to answer some of the questions which come up periodically on the cam.* newsgroups. If you can't find the answer here then ask on cam.misc and, when you've got the answer, why not post it here?

A pointer to the URL of this Wiki is posted fortnightly in all the cam.* groups.

The Newsgroups

Can anyone recommend a good ...?

place visitors can stay?

Food and Drink
Professional Services
Home and Garden

Local Government & Politics


The University(s)



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